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Color Me T-Shirts

Color Me T-Shirts are delighting children ages 2 to 8 everywhere! Encourage your child’s self-expression with our coloring shirts! Color What You Wear! With our free 10 pack of markers your child can color one (or several!) of our designs selected from a generous collection! Wear What You Color! Then he or she can wear his or her colorful art work with pride! Simply wash the shirt and your child will have a clean slate on these color in shirts create new color schemes! Confidence Boost In addition to developing creativity and self-expression coloring book shirts can also provide a big boost of confidence! Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride for taking an active role in what he or she wears. Plus, he or she gets to be a mobile art gallery, allowing everyone to see how he or she colors their world! High Quality T-shirts Our Color Me T-Shirts are developed with high quality materials specifically designed for the purpose of being colored and washed repeatedly. Your child will be able to use these color in shirts until they grow out of them! Great Gift These washable coloring book t-shirts make a great gift for any occasion! Get one for the child in your life, now!